Welcome to the The Jurassic Fight Club WikiEdit

Hello! This is a wiki all about the documentary series Jurassic Fight Club, airing on the History Channel. Read, research, share, contribute, and add your knowledge!

About JFCEdit

Jurassic Fight Club's basic plot gist is reconstructing ancient dinosaur battles, based off of actual fossilized evidence, found at fossil sites. The show's "Host" is George Blasing, also popularly known as "Dinosaur George". There has been only one season of Jurassic Fight Club, so far. There have been talks of a second season, though. However, as of now, this is still unconfirmed. Jurassic Fight Club aims to reconstruct restorations of prehistoric animal fights, that closely mirror what experts believe the actual fight might possibly have been like. This is the show's goal.

Latest activityEdit

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